Grass Fed Beef Cattle vs. Grain Finished Beef – Omega 3s, Hormones

A very intriguing and informative interview with a beef rancher on the health of beef cattle and the human diet.

This is an incredible interview on the process of raising healthy beef. Very valuable information on the use of steroids, and Omega 3s that give strong evidence that even grain-finished beef is fine for the Carnivore Diet vs. grass-fed beef.

The discussion reveals some stunning facts about the level of hormones in Soy vs. Beef and the extremely low levels of any added hormone used in beef production and that that remains after slaughter. Also while beef is a source of Omega 3s, the balance of Omega 3 vs. Omega 6 is the key metric for health not the total amount of Omega 3 in the beef. So, in fact, eating only grain finished beef will not make a significant difference in human health. However, there is nothing wrong with eating feed lot finished beef and it is a small advantage to eat grass-fed and finished beef if you can afford it.

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Isaac Bar-Lev

Farm & Ranch to Spy to Carnivore Diet Coach. Life is interesting!

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